Moaning & Groaning During Sex~ You’re Suppose to Dummy!

Delicious, arousing, orgasmic moans. Taking your breath away!.. I’ve been thinking a lot about moaning and groaning while having sex, because I can hear my neighbors having too loud sexy time lately. Well, they are a sweet young couple and just got engaged. I don’t know if they realize that they can be heard, but I think they just don’t care about it. Actually, that’s not a problem for me because, well… they’ve probably heard my passionate noises too. So I am just happy that they are enjoying a healthy relationship. *wink*

I thought back to all the times I had sex and what comes out of my own mouth during lovemaking. And, must admit, I am a moaner. I moan involuntarily – it just comes out naturally, even when I try not to. I moan because it feels damn good, thrilling, powerfully stimulating. Also, it is incredibly sexy and thrilling to hear my man expressing his pleasure in audible ways. His “body language”, facial expression, moans, sighs, ah’s and ya’s just let me know what he is feeling and enjoying. You see, it makes my own pleasure a thousand times more intense! That’s why, to me, there’s nothing worse than the quiet sex.

So, why do we moan during sex?

What is the origin of moaning/groaning as a response during sex?
The sexy sounds, moans and groans we make during lovemaking are a part of our nature. It’s like the smiling when we are happy and the crying when we feel pain. It’s like when your hair or head is stroked and you let a light “mmm” come out. Sexual moaning is something that comes naturally and sounds louder and… sexier (if a one is not faking it or doing on purpose). The moaning and groaning during sex may well come from our animal roots. Sex itself is an expressive experience and the time when we let the hair down and… unleash our inner animal.

And… by the way, EVERYONE has a wild side. Even those lovers who stay silent during sex.

Why we moan and groan during lovemaking?
It is the way of communication during sex and expressing what one feels. For most lovers, being vocal and making noise, such as moans, groans, screams is one of the ways to express sexual pleasure. If it is not faked or done purposely, then the moaning and groaning during intimacy is an uncontrollable (I repeat, uncontrollable and natural) result of sexual pleasure and orgasm. On the physical level, the moans and groans we make while having sex are related to the muscular contractions that accompany sexual pleasure and arousal.

There are at least five possible reasons we usually moan and groan while having sex:
1. Being vocal (moaning, groaning, screaming) in the heat of passion is one of the non-verbal ways of communication during lovemaking; it is letting your partner know about your sensations and feelings, and how good it feels right now!
2. For most lovers, the moaning during sex is a natural thing they just CAN’T STOP doing while having a good time!
3. Being vocal and audible during intimate moments usually means a moaner feels free, relaxed and comfortable about himself/herself and the sex itself, and completely comfortable and relaxed with his/her partner
4. The moaning, groaning and deep breathing accentuates, enhances and increases the pleasure and sexual arousal of the moaner and that of the partner
5. The moaning and screaming during sex is an indication of approaching or experiencing the big O, the crucial moment, the most intense peak of sexual pleasure: orgasm or ejaculation!

Different ways and types of sex moans. How do you moan?
Now onto the types of sexual moans. Well, although I have a lot of different thoughts and lots of conflicting feelings about this entire play, but here is a short clip from the Vagina Monologues entitled “The woman who loved to make Vaginas happy”. It’s about a woman who used to be a lawyer, but is now a sex worker who works exclusively with women because she likes the way women moan. While many of the monologues touch on serious issues, several of them also use humor. In this part of the play, a female actor humorously demonstrates various types of moans. Of course, all lovers make different sex sounds and moan in different ways. The thing is that I don’t want you to be so funny in your moaning session like this female actor. Yup, moaning during sex is fun, and it’s a turn on, but faked moaning or funny moaning also tends to be a turn-off. *wink*.

The Clit Moan
The Vaginal Moan
The Combo Clit Vaginal Moan
The “Almost” Moan
The “Right-On-It” Moan
The Elegant Moan
The Grace-Slick Moan
The WASP Moan
The Jewish Moan
The African-American Moan
The Irish-Catholic Moan
The Mountaintop Moan
The Baby Moan
The Doggy Moan
The Uninhibited Militant Bisexual Moan
The Machine-Gun Moan
The Tortured Zen Moan
The Diva Moan
The College Moan
And finally…
The Surprise Triple Orgasm Moan

Although these were female types of moans and demonstrated by women, but I think some men also might have done some of it *wink*

Do all lovers make passionate noises and moan during sex?
Well, everyone has their own way of enjoying intimacy. And there are lovers who prefer to be quiet in bed. Some lovers may be enjoying the moment so much and feeling an intensely pleasurable sensation, so that they do not feel like vocalizing their pleasure and making any noise at all. Indeed, sometimes the pleasure becomes so intense that it takes your breath away and makes you silent, so you can listen your own body and experience all the sensations that are rippling through your flesh! And if your lover stays silent, it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t enjoying! Just like anything in life it’s an individual thing and a personal preference.

Also, whether you’re silent or noisy during sex, depends on the degree of your sexual tension and the stage of your orgasm. Once the stage called “the point of no return” is reached, many of those of the quieter type immediately turn into passionate moaners and crazy screamers! (*wink*).

Men and Moaning
It seems like men tend to be more visual creatures, and women more vocal. And, from personal experience, I’ve noticed that men tend to be quieter during sex, while women tend to be more vocal, more demonstrative and noisy. We women usually moan during the entire process. Men are often quiet until that happy point. Don’t know if some men suppress it, but we women want you guys to be more open and express your pleasure in audible ways. Guys, if you think that moaning is unmanly or “less macho”, you’re wrong, it can be very sexy and stimulating for most of women! But, of course, if your moans come naturally and sound, well… masculine. We don’t want to hear the faked or forced moans, like those we hear in the pornographic movies.

Do not force yourself or fake it! Do what feels natural!
As I mentioned earlier, whatever you do – it should be genuine. Do not fake moans or groans or anything in sex. It can be almost scary and silly. A partner who is faking pleasure may be the greatest turn-off imaginable. If you really feel good and pleasurable, you simply can’t help but emit those sexy oh’s and ah’s. Even if you bite the pillow and try staying silent. As I mentioned above, screaming, biting, scratching, crying, moaning and groaning, and other audible cues are naturally coming and uncontrollable indications of pleasure. Again, do not fake anything in sex, even if you are really excellent at faking. At least, if you have to fake some moans or an orgasm, do it under exceptional circumstances, okay? 😉

The sounds we make during lovemaking are very sexy! And EVERY ONE of us has the MOAN-ZONES! Even those folks who don’t make a single peep during sex. Got the idea?


6 thoughts on “Moaning & Groaning During Sex~ You’re Suppose to Dummy!

  1. I love to hear my wife moan . It is a turn on. I pick up on her signals and I respond. I don’t want her to be so loud that I need to plug my ears with cotton balls. Her moans indicate her stage of arousal. I’m lucky to have a partner that squirts when she climaxes. When its real and authenic it’s a turn on. I’m geting hard just thinking about her moans and groans. Men are visual and I like to watch her face. I’ve told her a dozen times that I would love to have a picture of her face when she’s cumming. She’s beuatiful anyway but during that release her beauty is magnified and enhanced to a level that no makeup will ever equal . I enjoy the moan-o-tone.

  2. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who
    had been conducting a little research on this. And he in fact ordered me dinner because I stumbled upon it for him.
    .. lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!

    ! But yeah, thanx for spending time to discuss this matter here on your blog.

  3. I used to be a bit embarrassed when I’d moan and tell him to “fuck me hard and deep” because ordinarily I wouldn’t say anything like that. But during lovemaking, especially when he’s doing me doggy style, I just can’t help myself. When he starts massaging my boobs and tummy and enters me it feels so good that I can’t help but get vocal. And after he told me how much it turns him on to hear my moans and sighs I moan more than ever although I must admit that afterward I’m still usually a bit embarrassed.

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